Past Symposiums

Event Review from 2022

8th Annual Pediatric Palliative Care Symposium | December 15, 2022

Tender Transitions

Families of children living with a life-limiting or life-threatening condition face one transition after another. Birth, disease onset, diagnosis, hospitalization, stability, exacerbation, respite, and hospice transitions are common. Supportive and exemplary palliative care for families, and the staff serving such families at tender thresholds requires regular review.

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Event Review from 2021

7th Annual Pediatric Palliative Care Symposium | Nov 19, 2021

The Place and Power of Stories in Palliative Care

Speakers at the 2021 symposium spoke of the power of stories to enhance expression, cope, and provide self-care for those experiencing or having experienced the illness and/or loss of a child. They explored the various means through which stories can be expressed: narrative, poetry, music, blogs, interviews, and so forth. Attendees learned how sharing and listening to the stories of others can result in mutual healing.

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Event Review from 2020

6th Annual Pediatric Palliative Care Symposium | October 23, 2020

Making Moments Count through Rituals, Relationships, Resources and Resiliency

Speakers at the 2020 Symposium addressed four aspects of care in making moments count for kids and families in pediatric palliative care. These areas are:

  • Rituals and caring processes when thresholds are being passed (especially dying, end-of-life and bereavement care)
  • Relationships and Resources that enhance existing links between families, acute hospital care and the work of Crescent Cove
  • Resiliency in the midst of Covid19

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Event Review from 2019

5th Annual Pediatric Palliative Care Symposium | November 20-21, 2019

Creating, Composing and Conducting Sustaining Rhythms of Palliative Care for All

At its best, pediatric palliative care providers and families “sing” together. It may not always be in unison; verses may vary, improvisations happen that require dexterity by all, and players may come and go. But when done well, music of caring can be heard, sustained, and applauded.

In our 5th annual symposium, participants explored creative traditional and complementary perspectives and tools for quality care of children and families. Using music as a primary metaphor, sessions included attention to diet, energy, words, spiritual practices, movement, and body care along with the best of medical care.

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Event Review from 2018

4th Annual Pediatric Palliative Care Symposium | October 25-26, 2018

Relieving Pressures/Enhancing Supports: Basic Needs and Communities of Care

Living with complex, life-threatening conditions requires holistic attention and responses. Like a teeter-totter or mobile, there is always a tension in balancing the emotional, financial, spiritual and daily pressures, medical care and other needs.

This year's Symposium welcomed families, volunteers, and a wide range of practitioners who addressed the continuum of care necessary for families caring for a child with a life-threatening condition.

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A European Perspective: The Best of Palliative Care
Dr. Katerina Rusinova, Center for Palliative & Support Medicine, Prague, Czech Republic

An American Perspective: Family and Hospice
Jonathan Cottor, Founder, Ryan House, Phoenix, AZ

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Event Review from 2017

3rd Annual Pediatric Palliative Care Symposium | September 28 and 29, 2017

Woven Together: Care-Giving and Care-Receiving:
The Crossroads of Caring for Another and Caring for Self

Living with a life-limiting or life-threatening condition requires a wide circle of careers. It is not enough to empower and support a child with such a condition, siblings, parents, and even the family. Optimizing care and hope also requires attention to volunteer and professionals that are a part of the circles of care. If any “care-giver” is compromised in their well-being or ability to provide their best, the care of a person living with a life-limiting or life-threatening condition can be adversely affected.

"There are no words that will truly express my heartfelt thanks for an incredible symposium!! So many perspectives on resiliency and self care! We truly can learn from each other, integrate the tools we learned at  home personally, professionally and educate those we work with!! An incredible line up of passionate leaders in this sometimes, very difficult field, where demands take a toll and resiliency isn't easy to find. Thank You again for 2 incredible days!! Looking forward to next year's conference!!!" - 2017 Attendee

Event Review from 2016

2nd Annual Pediatric Palliative Care Symposium | October 14 and 15, 2016

The Thresholds of Living, Dying, and Death:
Pediatric Palliative, Hospice and Bereavement Care

Event Review from 2015

1st Annual Pediatric Palliative Care Symposium | October 16 and 17, 2015

Joining Families, Clinicians and Policy Makers to Advance Support and Care

Serving Children and Families Facing Life Threatening Illness:
A Discussion Brief to Stimulate Symposium Participants’ Thinking and Conversations