A Letter from a Pediatric Oncology Social Worker

Crescent Cove is an amazing organization that meets the unmet (more often than not, insurance uncovered) needs of pediatric patients with life limiting illness. It is through services such as respite, for caregivers/parents, massage, music therapy, meditation and other integrative therapy modalities that Crescent Cove meets the ever growing needs of this underserved patient population. These services are provided at no cost to families and are often able to be done in the patients very own home. This is a tremendous service for our pediatric oncology patients and their families as they walk a journey that no one person or family should ever have to walk. With an increasing need for respite and hospice services for children with life limiting illnesses, Crescent Cove is leading the way with a vision to build and provide services in a free standing respite and hospice house to children in the Twin Cities and surrounding area with life limiting illness. Their support of our patients and families has been phenomenal. They are an organization we look forward to continuing to work with for years to come.

~Pediatric Oncology Social Worker, Minneapolis, MN

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