Onward – Your Support Needed Now More Than Ever

On this journey to build a long-awaited residential children’s hospice and respite home in Minnesota, the urgency grows each day as we meet more families who could use this home. Many of you have journeyed with us for a myriad of reasons. Some of you know the need after having said good-bye in this world to your beloved child. Others are caring for a child whose life may be short, is intense and more meaningful than you can describe. For some it is simply that your heart draws you to take action, to make a difference. Our effort to build this home has peaks and valleys. Our celebrations and forks in the road cannot compare to the experience of our families of children with shortened life expectancies. However, we do share the experience of facing a challenge that is more than we imagined, yet filled with an abundance of joy and love. For everyone involved in our mission, we are reminded to keep going, ‘Onward.’

Visiting with community leaders, working with architects, media contacts, city officials, attorney’s and the Department of Health bring questions and inspiration. A heart-felt job demands a strategic process. There is no straight, dotted line to follow to bring this home to fruition. The collective wisdom, insight and guidance drives us forward and informs us of each step ahead. With grace, our path continues to be revealed to help advance our efforts.

Families that have held their child and family in desperate hours at a residential children’s hospice and respite home remind us that our every effort is worth it; this home will bring the light and peace families are waiting for. Those moments experienced by families in Arizona, California and other parts of the world keep them going, onward into a way of life they never expected. It won’t be long before Minnesota families share their personal stories and experiences of celebrating life together at our long-awaited residential children’s hospice and respite home.

Our families serve as a constant reminder that we can meet this challenge, as they have. Yes, there is frustration, yes there is doubt. But then the smallest, amazing reward shines through and we are propelled to move forward. Onward.

Please remember to share our mission with your friends, plan a way to raise awareness and funds, and let us know how we can facilitate your ideas into reality so that this home becomes a reality, soon.

Thank you for your support,
Katie Lindenfelser

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