Meet Isaiah

Isaiah was diagnosed with semi-lobar holoprosencephaly prior to his birth, which led to many other secondary diagnoses that render him non-verbal and non-mobile including cerebral palsy. Since then, our lives have been full of love and hope, but also a lot of work and stress. While we are his parents, we also have to be his full-time caregivers. There are a lot of medical appointments, surgeries, illnesses, and hospital stays that take up our time. We rarely have another person to take care of Isaiah, and if we do, it takes days to get them up to speed on all of his medical needs.
Crescent Cove is an absolute blessing to our family. Having a respite home where they know Isaiah and all of his needs is something we didn't even know was possible. The nurses, volunteers, and staff at Crescent Cove take time to get to know Isaiah, and to truly care for him in a way that no one else can match. They understand the dynamic of a special needs family and go out of their way to make us feel at home and welcome there. We can bring him for a stay with confidence, knowing he will receive all that he needs and have a blast while he is there. And we appreciate family activities, like the Spring Fling, that let us mingle with complex families like ours and just feel normal

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